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Dear ladies,
welcome to the web pages of our gynaecologic private practice. I started this practice because number of women who seek both continuous OB-GYN care and one time consultations or second opinion constantly rises. Because I gained new responsibilities at my maternal workplace – ÚPMD (Institute for the Care of the Mother and Child in Prague) I wouldnť be able to provide full care there without prolonged interval from ordering to appointment and at the expense of my original speciality. My original practice at ÚPMD serves mainly for ordering and planning of the gynecological surgeries in cases of endometriosis and pelvic pain. I receive patients there only with a letter of recommendation from their gynaecologist.

Our private practice however serves all women in need of complex OB-GYN care, I also offer one time consultations or second opinion when requested. Our practice is the place to come for both addressing minor gynaecological ailments and planning and ensuring gynaecological surgeries.

Our effort is to provide uttermost comfort upon ordering, to eliminate long intervals to appointment, concentrate all necessary investigationts to one visit and offer sufficient time for examination and consultation.

I specialise (next to common gynaecological operations) in minimally invasive gynaecological surgery (hysteroscopy, laparoscopy). I´m concentrating the women with deep endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain.

When need for other specialised care should rise (urogynaecology, assisted reproduction, senology) I can offer co-operative physicians who deal with relevant questions.

Due to the fact that we donť have fixed contract with any health insurance providers, all care provided is paid in cash or via non cash payment system.

NZZ MUDr.Jan Drahoňovský since 1.5.2010

IČO 720 700 30


Sometimes, it is necessary to cancel my working hours for some emergency case in my hospital (delivery, emergency surgery). I´m sorry for that in advance. In these rare situations we will contact you ASAP.

Compliance of booking time:

Please, keep to the booking time. With respect to following patients we have to shorten your visit in case of lateness. Thank you for your comprehension.

When 30 minutes is not enough:

In cases, when 30 minutes is not enough to solve your problem, it is necessary to finish the consultation in another visit with respect to following patients, I apologize beforehand for situation like that. Please, book two following visits at one time in advance when necessary (when complicated case and solution is expected).


In urgent cases out of opening hours please visit the emergency in ÚPMD.

Opening hours

Wednesday 16:00 - 20:00 (4 - 8 p.m.)

Make an appointment

Phone: +420 733 676 136

E mail: pacientky@gmail.com


Poliklinika Budějovická (new building)
Antala Staška 1670/80
14046 Praha 4
9th floor, room Nr. 9.17


GPS:  50°2'32.098"N, 14°26'57.272"E 

Price: 15 Kč/hour


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