Services and fees

Due to the fact that we donť have fixed contract with any health insurance providers, all care provided is paid in cash or via non cash payment system.

Reserved time for 1 examination or consultation is 30 minutes.

Please, keep to the booking time. With respect to following patients we have to shorten your visit in case of lateness. Thank you for your comprehension.

Complex gynaecological examination 1 500 CZK

  • Diagnostic gynaecological examination, problem analysis, proposal of treatment
  • Regular yearly check-up, screening of cervical carcinoma, includes cytology, colposcopy and ultrasound examination
  • “Second opinion“ – problem analysis, gynaecological examination, treatment proposal, treatment
  • The first examination in pregnancy

Control gynaecological examination 1 000 CZK

  • Control examination after treatment
  • Consultation of results of carried investigations, treatment
  • Control cytology or ultrasound examination

Consultation without examination 1 000 CZK

Investigation results and ordering FREE

  • Cytology or lab results via text message or e-mail
  • Call in case of abnormal results

Pre-operative assessment and examination 3 000 CZK

  • out patient surgery, hysteroscopy, intrauterine surgery, laparoscopy, vaginal and abdominal surgery
  • complex gynaecological examination, proposal of surgery treatment, detailed guidance and counselling, explanation of the procedure, possible alternatives, organising of necessary additional investigations and surgery, personal surgery supervision

IUD insertion 1 500 CZK

  • IUD insertion, ultrasound examination, counselling
  • Price of the IUD is not included

Examination in pregnancy 1 000 CZK

  • First examination at the beginning of pregnancy is considered as complex gynaecological examination (see 1)
  • Usually cca 10 check-ups in pregnancy

Consultations via cell phone 300 CZK

  • Work days 7:00—20:00

Consultations via cell phone – nights and weekends emergency 1 000 CZK

  • Work days 20:00 a 7:00, weekends and holidays emergency

Quick urine pregnancy test 100 CZK

Laboratory examinations – price varies according to the fees of co-operating laboratories, not covered by insurance providers, most frequent is the payment for cytology 200 CZK

Opening hours

Wednesday 16:00 - 20:00 (4 - 8 p.m.)

Make an appointment

Phone: +420 733 676 136

E mail:


Poliklinika Budějovická (new building)
Antala Staška 1670/80
14046 Praha 4
9th floor, room Nr. 9.17


GPS:  50°2'32.098"N, 14°26'57.272"E 

Price: 15 Kč/hour


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